QueryShark Presentations

Please read your assigned QueryShark queries (in parentheses below) and present to us what we should learn from them. You can summarize, go over good/really bad ones in detail, etc. Make sure you cover the revisions, too–many are revised multiple times and go from “form rejection” to “please send pages right away!”

If you feel lost, see if you can sum up your presentation into two categories:

Jaws: what mistakes did the person make that the shark took a bite at? (And we should avoid these ourselves)

Laws: what things should the person have done or did the person do right in the query (and story/plot)?

9/16 Erika (1-18), Kenzie (19-36)

9/18 Alyson (37-55), Vanessa (56-74)

9/23 Natalie (75-93), Ryan (94-112)

9/25 Frank (113-130), Charles (131-149)

9/30 JJ (150-168), Edward (169-187), Mike (188-206),

10/2 Renai (207-225), Shon (226-244), Jakoob (245-end)


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